Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Minor Works

This list will be revised and updated from time to time.

Minor Videography:

734. Pilot Error.
Infekt.Viral 0.1 - L.V.X.
Infekt.Viral 0.2 - S.O.L.O.
Infekt.Viral 0.3 - 613
Infekt.Viral 0.4 - The Invocation of Isis
Infekt.Viral 0.5 - Crime ARG School
Infekt.Viral 0.6 - Terra:Extremitas 1
Infekt.Viral 0.7 - Terra:Extremitas 2
Infekt.Viral 0.8 - Backing video for Esozone 2008 (Lost?)
The Yellow King and his pet Elephant
To see their smiling faces as they find their way back
Hardware Crash

Workshops & Interactive displays:
Art Outside Austin 2008 - Interactive display.
Esozone Portland 2008 - EEG Music Workshop.

Proparations - Recovery
Metaphysical Playroom - Methadone Highpriestess
Philip K.Nixon - Mind Your Head (Ikipr’s “Watch your face, homie” Mix)

Philip K. Nixon - Lunar Debris Filter

Musical Contributions:
Foolish People's Dead Language beta & 1.0 -Partial Soundtracks.
Philip K. Nixon - Logosagogo (Remix + Sample Material)
Philip K. Nixon - Raid0Kaos (Remixes + Sample Material)

Video Contributions:
Foolish People's Terra Extremitas

Music Collaborations:
Sonica Storm of Foolish People
Mystery X
KERNEL participants

Phase II Pocast Episodes 1-12
Commercial spots in Alterati & Greylodge's Gspot and Ripple Podcast & Song features
You are God, Guard your Mind Pt. II - War Orbs
Be Merry for Tomorrow Episode 1-4


Alterati Interview - Part 1 & Part 2
Esoteric Science Roundtable - Quantum Chaos
Esoteric Science Roundtable - Occult Warfare
Esoteric Science Roundtable - Mod Squad
Silver Keys G-Spot episode

Video Conversion and archival:
Esoteric Science Roundtable (Selected Episodes)
Borderlands' video archive (In Progress)

Site Design:

Phase III: Stealth Is Knowledge.
Austin Occulture

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