Friday, January 29, 2010

How you can help keep our spacelab in orbit.

Like basically everyone else these days, things get a bit tight for the Ikipr sometimes. I work a steady job in addition to the art I produce and other projects I undertake, but it can still be tough from time to time. My music and art has always been free and will remain that way. I highly believe in the need for information to be free flowing - a collective memory unhindered with currency exchange. I have long felt trying to profit off of music and art jades it's purpose and the creation; it is an outdated model and it has rarely served the artist or community. This also goes for the "name your own price" model of music sales which is growing increasingly popular.

However, if in someway you have been touched by the work I've done or listen to a song or album a fair amount and it moves you to donate to the continued upkeep of our labs and works, we would not object and would most humbly accept any kind offer you could afford to make. Any and all funds which are donated will go directly toward the production of on-going and future artistic endeavors which will remain free.

Thank you,

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