Monday, March 1, 2010

Retrofit Hardware - An Upcoming 8-Bit Album from Ikipr.

Level 8: Lenisker Corps Artic Bio-Research Lab by Ikipr

Hence far in the production of Retrofit Hardware I have used the following:

MidiNES on Nintendo
LSDj on Gameboy
Nanoloop 1.5 on Gameboy
Synthcart on Atari2600
SynthDrum cart on NES
Famitracker on PC
Peach & Toad VSTs
Quantum 64
Unknown64 VST
Secret weapons harvested from meteorites and goo-monsters...

I am hoping to add a few mods to the Gameboy DMG-01 or external Midi to the Atari2600 in the near future and maybe get a copy of MSSIAH running on a Commodore 64 as well. Look for this 7 or so track EP late spring or early summer of this year.

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